Text to 911 is an enhanced feature that allows cell phone customers to contact 911 with a text message. Texting should only be used in situations where you cannot make a regular phone call.

Dispatchers have the ability to enter into a text conversation however it is important that you know where you are so that help can be sent to you right away. SERESA joins Macomb County and dispatch centers around the Nation as we advance with technology – Call when you can, Text if you must!


With Smart911, citizens can link both home and work addresses to their mobile phones, which can be passed on to responders, law, fire, or ambulance while they are responding to your emergency. This can provide them with a more detailed, rapid response. Citizens can add additional information as well, such as pets in the home, vehicles, hazardous materials, and even emergency contacts. ALL information is optional and you – the citizen, has the ability to choose what details you want to include.

Business owners can also enter information regarding their business such as floor plans, emergency contacts, or how a business may be accessed after hours.

Smart911 is a free service for citizens and will follow the designated phone numbers to any dispatch center in the country that offers the Smart911 app. Check it out and sign up today at http://www.smart911.com

Smart911 brochure

Video: Michigan Man Saved by Smart911